I got my first taste of the publishing world when I was in the fourth grade (see my informative and critical book review above) and never looked back.  Whether I’m writing about a ghost town in Oklahoma or researching how to save you money on your honeymoon, I approach every story I’m assigned with vigor. With each new story, I’m learning something new about the world, and I hope you do too.

I primarily cover real estate, home decor, weddings, and travel and have been published in Apartment Therapy, Brides.com, Budget Travel, InStyle Magazine, Zillow.com’s blog, Porchlight, BobVila.com, Livability.com, The Billfold, ElleDecor.com, WeddingBee and many others. In addition to writing journalistic articles, I also write branded content/web content for companies like Red Cherry Lashes, Digital Third Coast and the UC Santa Barbara Extension Program.

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Wedding Bee

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Wedding Bee

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The Billfold

My Mother, the Clearance Queen

Wedding Bee

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Canadian Florist Magazine

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The Oklahoma Gazette– Oklahoma City’s Weekly Alternative

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